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We are pleased to introduce as one of the leading manufacturer of fire vehicles, trailer pumps, portable pumps dcp skids nitrogen quads and other rallied equipments

The product are all inspected and quality checked by institution like Lloyds, engineers India ltd., bureau verities dnv etc. hence the product meet all the quality check at every stage of the manufacturing process based on the quality plans given the customer or standard quality plan. In today/s technology advance age there are still many unanswered thing take place which is beyond our control like fire! But now we have answer for the control over it “SAFE ZONE”. As the name itself suggests we look after the safety of our customer s. we offer you with a fire vehicle, which is equipped and ensures the guarantee between incident and the response fire service today have a variety if takes to person, including traditional fire fighting, vehicles make a safe and reliable contribution to safety in all operation situations, by providing economical and environmental friendly engines. In situations when you can leave nothing to change, it makes sense to rely on safe zone fire engine and allied equipments. Designed and build by shreeji safe time designer, they ensure that the job gets done with all accuracy every time. The management of Shreeji safe time has been in the business of fire protection since 1989 and as established a name of itself and gained the trust of its clients in the fire protection business with its highly regarded and reliable safe zone brand of fire protection equipments and system safe zone brand appliances and equipments systems and fire tender vehicles are custom engineered to the specific requirement of clients and are available in a wide range that includes fire alarms, sprinkler systems, hydrant systems, automatic modular fire extinguishers, CO2 and FM 200 system water monitors, .

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  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Fire Tender Vehicles: Water/Foam/DCP/Crash
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Portable Pump
  • Trailer pump
  • Fire Suppression
  • Accessories of fire fighting equipments & system.