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Ambulance service consists of air conditioned small-size vans as well as full-size vans with all necessary life support equipment and medication. It includes cardiac monitors, pulseoximeters, multi parameter monitors, defibmonitors, ventilators, suction machine, nebulisers, pacemakers, bipap, oxygen and emergency medicines.
Our air-conditioned ambulance mimics the environment of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Every ambulance will consists of one specialist doctor like Cardiologist, Neurologist and Anesthesiologist, Orthopedic, Critical Care consultants, etc. and an experienced nurse or paramedics.
Our ambulance service is very economical and came as a boon to those patients who cannot fly due to medical problems or cannot afford air ambulance service. Depending on the conditions of the patients 2-3 members of the family are allowed to accompany with the patients. Our proficient team regularly updates the family members about the condition of the patients.

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